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Which Writing Journal is Write for You?

You can spot a writer anywhere because we’re armed with very specific tools. Our armor is forged from sweaters, leggings, and hugs; our weapons of choice are either a pen or pencil- there’s much dispute among the community on the different benefits of and drawbacks of each; our furrowed brows and hunched figures are signs to other members of the human species that we must not be disturbed. We may look meek at first glance, but much like a venus fly trap we blend into our surroundings and can quickly switch to predator mode if we’re ever confronted with an especially harsh criticism or rude interruption when we hit our flow. Because we may look like we’re sitting in the middle of a coffee shop, but we’re actually in the middle of a space battle for the fate of the galactic empire. And one of our most powerful and most obvious weapons: the journal. A writer may remain incognito with a laptop, but you can always spot one with a crisp, sleek notebook. Here’s a breakdown of some of our favorite types of writing journals:

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Barnes & Noble Journals

For writers who just want a simple journal with a bit of creative flair, the journals at Barnes & Noble would be a perfect fit for you. They have blank, lined, no-nonsense pages with very creative covers, ranging from the brown leather vintage feel to colorful metallic shades. They even have some with texturized pages to add to that old-world feel. These journals range so much in style and color that you’re bound to find one that gives you that sense of importance and inspiration that your journal should.

Book Cover & Personalized Journal(s)

If you’re looking for one that’s still blank inside, but might be a little more creative outside, you can go with a more customized journal. You can find journals printed with some of your favorite fandoms on the cover or even have them personalized with your name. And if that’s not already cool enough, there are even some Etsy shops that will create journals that are made using old book covers. They simply fill the old book cover with notebook pages and all of a sudden you’re writing the next Jane Austen novel.

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Reading Journal

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that writing and reading go hand in hand. There’s no better way to improve your craft than by being an avid reader- especially in the genre or writing style you aspire to. Well, to help writers and readers alike stay on track, you could get yourself a reading journal! These journals will allow you to track your reading progress month by month, keep track of your favorite reads, and even record your favorite quotes. Some of the more creative iterations will even come decorated with gorgeous art and include some literary quotes to give you inspiration.

Writing Prompts Journal

On the other hand, you may be looking for a more interactive experience or a journal that will help improve your craft. If that’s the direction you want to go, may we recommend a writing prompt journal? These journals will provide you with creative writing prompts that will keep you active in your writing day-to-day. In addition, they are also good for giving you creative inspiration for your novel and even helping you when the dreaded writer’s block rears its ugly head.

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Writer’s Planner Journal

Finally, if you’re looking for a journal that will allow you to stay organized and flesh out your story, we recommend going with a writer’s planner. This journal will help you do everything from staying on task with your writing to giving you inspiration, charting your writing goals, plotting out each act of your novel, giving you detailed character development sheets, and so much more. For any writer who ends up with miscellaneous papers in five different notebooks when they’re plotting out a new story, this type of journal is a great way to make sure all of your story and character notes and ideas stay organized and together.

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