Book Reviews

Dorrance authors are being reviewed by notable publications!

A Survival Guide for New Teachers is a must have for all new teachers. I was able to relate to each chapter of your book. Reading the information from another person’s perspective is wonderful.”
-Malissa Wright, Art Instructor

A Survival Guide for New Teachers by Dr. Cynthia Sanders-Mack is concise and apropos. She starts out with an incredible prayer for teachers, and she lays out a clear road map in the seven chapters to assist new teachers in becoming effective educators.”
-Gladys V. Moss, Educator

  • Spirituality, Racism, and the Phantom by James T. Hollin, Jr. was reviewed by OnlineBookClub: “The language is a mixture of everyday English and the technical jargon associated with the aviation industry. The author has gone as far as defining every aviation term he uses in the book. There is no better way to carry the reader along than this. The attention to detail in each of his encounters is impressive.”
  • Port of Refuge: Udaagamax by Dan Magone was reviewed by The Midwest Book Review: “With each chapter beginning with a full color illustration, “Port of Refuge: Udaagamax” is an impressively well written, organized and presented memoir that is an inherently fascinating and exceptionally informative read from first page to last.”
  • Dorrance science fiction novel Time Before Time by Dan DuBose and Beau DuBose was reviewed by “Another thing that stood out for me about this book was how action-packed it was. The action-packed moments made the book interesting, engrossing, and hard to put down. I also liked how well-organized the scenes were. The organization and the short, engrossing chapters kept me glued as I waited to uncover the ending. All this enhanced my reading experience.”
  • Dorrance title Traitor by Steve Malik Swayne was reviewed by the Independent Book Review: “Traitor is a page-turner that reveals the dark corners of the human mind. At its core, Traitor is a revenge tale of pursuit, punishment, and the consequences of betrayal.” – Kathy L. Brown, The Independent Book Review
  • Dragon Sky by Matt Smith and Cliff Wise was reviewed by The Midwest Book Review: “An original, seminal and unique work by co-authors Matt Smith and Cliff Wise, “Dragon Sky”, while a fun and entertaining read from cover to cover, also has the underlying message that perseverance can see you through anything and everything — especially if you surround yourself with people who will support and inspire you.”
  • Escape Prisons of the Mind by Kaziah May Hancock was reviewed by The Midwest Book Review:  “An extraordinary life story by an extraordinary woman, “Prisons of the Mind” by Kaziah May Hancock is part cautionary tale, part emancipation celebration, and part compendium of artwork by an impressively talented portrait painter.”