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When the literary work of Dorrance authors is reviewed, the team at Dorrance has no influence on the outcome of the reviews provided.

Work is reviewed by professionals at publications for both general and specialized readers. Essential components to be taken into account include concerns of subject matter and style. These book reviews provide an honest analysis in an essay format examining the literature and digesting the work more complexly than simply following the story and understanding its plot.

God Greatest Commandment: A Guide

By Andrew Oghena was reviewed by the Midwest Book Review
“An enlightening and spiritually motivating read for all Christian community members regardless of denominational affiliations. Exceptionally well written and thoroughly ‘reader friendly’… a life-enhancing, spiritually embracing, and especially recommended pick!”

SESG Explorer

By Christopher Loric was reviewed by The US Review of Books.

“Plays out like a military-minded Star Trek movie…The action sequences are well-written and show Loric at his best and most entertaining…Once the action starts, sci-fi lovers may easily get lost in the fun, much like summers past when watching hits like Independence Day.”

Watch Out For Elephants

By C. Ann Todd & C. Angela Todd by Kirkus Reviews:

“This is very much a kid’s-eye view of the world, short on politics and sociology, focused instead on a luminous portrait of a warm family connection that persists through all the changes of scenery. The prose is limpid and evocative, alive with fresh, immediate perceptions and untempered longings. The result is a winsome picaresque that feels at home wherever its protagonists roam.A warm-hearted saga, full of entertaining, offbeat travelogue observations.”

SESG Explorer

By David J. Lebenstein At Online Book Club

“This work offers fresh insight into the post-war political environment and societal expectations as someone knowledgeable about British history and historical fiction … This is the best fantasy book I’ve ever read. In my opinion, it was thrilling, entertaining, and instructive.”

Burial At Home Plate: An Oddball History Of The Pittsburgh Pirates

Professional Book Review By: Bob Fulton At The Midwest Book Review

“An absolute ‘must read’ for the legions of Pittsburgh Pirate fans, “Burial at Home Plate: An Oddball History of the Pittsburgh Pirates” is a fun and informative read that is impressively well written, organized, and presented.”

Native American Movie Actors

Review By: E. Dennis King At The Midwest Book Review: 
“E. Dennis King fully honors and rescues from undeserved obscurity those Native Americans who made Western movies possible by creating those magnificent action scenes. It honors their courage, bravery, and willingness, which helps tell their part in settling the Western frontier and fighting for what was theirs against all comers through the means of cinema. Unique and fascinating, informative and exceptional, “Native American Movie Actors” is a seminal and unreservedly recommended…