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How to Prepare for a Radio Interview

Not only are you an author, you’re also a salesperson and marketer who is trying to get your book in the hands of as many people as possible.

In previous blogs we have offered a plethora of ideas on how to market and promote your book. Whether it’s a book signing event or through social media, there are always new and exciting opportunities to spread the word about your work!

Recently we had an author inquire about preparing for a radio interview. It can be a little intimidating to be behind a microphone, so we wanted to provide three helpful tips to boost your confidence in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

Voice your emotion

Because you won’t be in front of a camera, you’ll have to use your voice to express how passionate you are about your book and what you do. Your listeners won’t be able to see your emotion through your facial expressions or gestures, so you’ll have to show it through the inflection and smile in your voice. Practice makes perfect, so consider asking a friend to hop on a call with you to rehearse some answers on the phone. When you’re done, your friend can tell you how you sound on the other end of the line so you can focus on improving your delivery and articulating your message.

Spread your message

Be sure to add your own plug (an informal mention of your work) during the interview. Radio hosts are busy people and each day they have a brand-new guest, so sometimes they either forget to or make the wrong plug. It’s a good idea to subtly mention your own work throughout the interview and not rely on the host to do so. Organically infusing your information throughout the segment will make it sound more natural and not like you’re overtly trying to push your book for the entire show.

Identify your key message

Before sitting down for your interview make sure that you identify your key message. What is the most important piece of information that you want to get out in the public? If you can answer this question, you’re found your key message. If you’re scratching your head, here are a few ideas. Perhaps you’ll want to talk about what inspired you to write your book. Maybe you’ll want to talk about the main conflict that fuels your story. These are just a couple of ideas to get you thinking about the key message that you’ll want to articulate during your interview. This will help you focus your message and tailor your answers to revolve around this pertinent information.

Participating in a radio interview can be intimidating, so keep our three tips in mind when preparing for your time on the airwaves!

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