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Signing on For Success: Book Signings

In previous blogs, we’ve offered tips on various ways to promote your book. Whether it was an interview, on the internet or at book events, there are plenty of promotion opportunities out there. Today, we want to keep in line with that theme and talk about book signings!

The driving focus of promotion is to get your name, face and book in front of potential customers. That is why book signings are the perfect avenue to travel to boost your book promotion efforts.

A few weeks ago, we offered some tips and advice about approaching book retailers to carry your book at their store.  If you’re interested in pitching a book signing, schedule some time in advance to speak with the store manager again to see if they would be interested in hosting such an event. Once they agree, the following tips can help you plan your first signing event a success.

  • Make sure you have plenty of copies of your book to bring to your book signing. Take an inventory weeks in advance just in case you do need to order more copies. Ask the book store manager for a rough estimate of how many to bring, and then increase that number by 10%, just to be safe. After all, you can’t have a book signing without books to sign!
  • Don’t forget to publicize your event in advance. Create posts with the event’s information and publish them to your blog, Facebook, Google + and Twitter accounts – these are all great outlets to spread the word about your upcoming event.
  • As always, be prepared. It’s not a definite that the store will post signage promoting your event onsite. So, remember to bring a color image of your book cover to place on your table. If you don’t have a poster, consider using another prop in order to draw attention to your table. The items available through our book presentation kits are also helpful to have on-hand. But, as a rule of thumb, don’t over-clutter your table. In this instance, simplicity is important.
  • Do you recall our blog about how to create an elevator pitch? If you haven’t done so already, now is a great time to craft your own brief, persuasive sales pitch that you can recite on a moment’s notice. This is a helpful tool to keep in your back pocket for events like a book signing.
  • Make it a family affair. Invite anyone and everyone to attend your book signing. Whether it’s family, friends or colleagues, an event that attracts a lot of people can create a sense of excitement within the store and may attract other potential buyers to your table.
  • Last but not least, put your best foot forward and bring your “A” game. Be prepared to talk to potential customers about yourself and your book and, most importantly, smile! And don’t forget to thank the bookstore for hosting the event!

With all that said, get out your favorite pen and copies of your book, and get ready to sign away at your book signing!

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