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Taking a Walk in the Shoes of Verna Lewis Elgidely


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Author Verna Lewis Elgidely was born on the island of Dominica, West Indies. With a master’s in sociology from the New School of Social Research in New York and a master’s in Theology from St. Bernard’s Graduate School of Theology and Ministry in Rochester, NY, Elgidely’s commitment to her studies translated into her books, A Man in Search of His Homeland and A Path to Freedom. In these unique books, she prompts readers to be meditative, reflective and prayerful. Furthermore, she invites readers to partake in the journey with Christ, regardless of their religion, creed, ethnicity or race.

Woven throughout each book is a genuine story that references examples of people from all over the world incorporating faith into their daily lives by seeking the freedom, hope and social justice Christ demonstrated as He walked the earth.

The positivity wasn’t only limited to the pages of the book; in fact a lot of positivity stems from Elgidely herself! “My experiences with Dorrance Publishing have been marvelous,” she said.

At Dorrance Publishing, it is our mission to help translate the story that is in your heart to the pages of a published book. Whether you’re motivated to write a book about your personal religious experiences and opinions, or something else entirely, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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