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Dorrance Book Spotlight: An Exodus from Obesity: Enjoying the Ride

Dorrance Book Spotlight: An Exodus from Obesity: Enjoying the Ride

Did you know that nearly one-third of the world’s population is obese or overweight?


Obesity is oppressive, and not only robs people of physical enjoyment, but also steals a person’s inner peace right out from underneath them.


Dorrance author Marsha Miller knows first-hand how obesity can affect a person’s life. Having battled a lifetime of obesity, Marsha decided to make a change, which translated into a 100-pound weight loss.


In An Exodus from Obesity: Enjoying the Ride, Marsha offers hope and encouragement to those who are currently dealing with a personal weight loss struggle.


Many people feel like they don’t have an outlet or that there’s no hope for them to regain their life. But it’s Marsha’s goal to dispel those preconceived notions. Through the pages of this 100-page paperback, she shows her readers how a healthy lifestyle can be liberating.


Marsha’s story begins at a point in her life when many people begin to panic or accept the jargon that there’s no way to lose weight once you’ve reached the point where you’re considered middle aged.


Rather than dieting, Marsha decided to change her lifestyle in an effort to continually improve her body. Through a sensible path, it took her 11 years to go from being obese and living with a plethora of health concerns to living a life at a reasonable weight and in the best physical shape she’s ever been.


Everyone has to start somewhere, and this Dorrance author works to bring to light the fact that a healthier life is attainable for anyone.


If you are struggling with obesity and are looking for a person to lean on, Marsha Miller’s An Exodus from Obesity: Enjoying the Ride could be the resource you’ve always needed.


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