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How to Build the Perfect Website For Authors

In today’s literary world, a successful author needs to have an online presence. While social media is typically thought of as the go-to option, a website or blog will help any writer get their name out there. If you’re not web savvy, it may be better to have someone create a page for you. Dorrance offers author website services – for a fee, we will create a website for you!

With our Book Promotion Website Package, you’ll receive a professionally designed, 3-page website that features your book, a profile of you as the author, and information on your motivation for writing your book. We’ll create your site, register a domain in your name, and pay your hosting fees for one year. When your site is complete, we’ll show you how to easily update the content on the site whenever you’d like. 

If Dorrance’s Book Promotion Website Package is not right for you, there are many other options.,,, and are examples of services where you can build a website. Wix and WordPress both have free options. Free blog services like Google’s Blogger are also an option. There are a lot of companies out there that can help you, so feel free to find the one that best suits your needs. 

The budget you have for a website will determine what you end up with. Purchasing a custom domain name will always cost a small fee (ex. but there are a range of services where you can build a website or blog. The cost can range from free to very expensive. 

What content should you include on your website?

Some information to include on your website:

  • Publisher information.
  • Contact information for yourself. (to the degree you are comfortable with.)
  • Media Information: press release, cover image, etc.
  • Where-to-Buy links: Make sure you link to your book on our website, not just to the home page.
  • Social media accounts
  • ISBN: This is the 13-digit number on the back of your book. It should start with 978. ISBN is an important number for booksellers and librarians.
  • Book Title, and Author Name: This is important to have in the text of your web page because the text is what search engines are looking for.

What else should you include on your website?

Whether you are using a free, simple blog service or have started a more in-depth custom website, here are some ideas for content to include in an author website: 

  • News about you: Whenever you are in the news, post a link to the video, article, radio interview, etc. And don’t forget to share that information with us as well!
  • Key points about your work: Regularly post tidbits about your book, including major points of interest or plot points.  Post reader responses that might make others more inclined to read it as well. Think of unique things to say about your work.
  • Photos and Videos: Make sure you post your photos of book events, signings, award ceremonies you attend, and conferences and workshops at which you are the speaker. A good picture is worth a thousand words!
  • News related to your topic: Link to legitimate news articles related to your book subject or genre. 
  • A guest blogger or review another author’s book.
  • Share a video of you reading a sample of your book.
  • Share what you are doing on a professional level. Are you working on another book? Did you just meet your favorite author? Look for reasons to keep people tuned in to what you are saying.
  • Do a Q&A or poll.  If one person has asked a question, then there are probably five people thinking the same question.
  • Consider posting your playlist. Several well-known authors do this and have attracted fans who may be listening to the same type of music as them!

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