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Gain Inspiration from These Three Writing Prompts

Growing as a writer takes discipline and a willingness to make small sacrifices to chase after your dreams with fervent effort. While you may be wringing your hands in anxiety reading this, we promise it’s not that serious!

Because we want to keep the fun in writing, we’ve put together three simple writing prompts that’ll help take away some pressure and either help get the creative juices flowing, break through writer’s block, or just help you to enjoy a few minutes to yourself doing what you love – writing.

In five years I’ll be …

This one should be interesting – a nice open-ended writing prompt to kick things off! Did your mind start whirling with ideas? Are you lounging on a tropical island leafing through a stack of your favorite books? Perhaps you’re traveling around the world promoting your five-star book? Or maybe you’ll be working on the second installment of your book series? The opportunities are endless! There’s no such thing as a dream that’s too big. Reach for the stars and see how excited you get as the words pour onto the paper as you outline your future.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

Think about it for a second. If you could go back and experience any major historical event, or maybe even just relive an amazing memory of your own, what would you pick? Use this prompt to tap into the past; pick an event and explain why you would go and if you would change any of the events that unfolded.

Pretend you’re a fly on the wall …

You know you’ve wished to be a fly on the wall at least once in your life. You want to overhear an important conversation or you want the inside scoop on something that might be coming your way. Well, your wish is our command; we’re granting you the opportunity to turn yourself into a fly and observe something you’ve longed to experience!

What three features would you want your future house to have?

The year is 2065 and you’re building a brand-new home. What three features of the future will your house have and why? What would you want to see in this house? Would the house look like a traditional home that we’re used to? Or, would it look like something out of the Jetsons? Do you envision robotic maids that can anticipate what you need before you even think you need it? The opportunities are endless, so use your imagination and try and model the perfect house. If you can think of more than three features, don’t stop – keep writing!

Remember, writing doesn’t have to be a chore! It’s a fun experience that taps into your childlike imagination and allows you to create something you never even thought possible. The next time you’re struggling to find inspiration, use these writing prompts to help you rekindle your love of the written word!

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