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Dorrance Book Spotlight: “To the Tree and Back”

Dorrance Book Spotlight: “To the Tree and Back”

Dorrance author, Charlie Bud, loves the great outdoors. Whether he’s camping, hiking or fishing, his love for all things nature is apparent in his 300-page paperback book, To the Tree and Back.

This non-fiction, Dorrance-published book is perfect for the young reader in your life. The story begins with a young boy who’s struggling to connect not only with his family, but with other kids his age as well.

It isn’t until he stumbles upon a tree in the middle of the woods that he feels a connection – a connection that he’s never experienced before. The boy is what many would call an outcast. He keeps to himself and struggles to form friendships and bonds with others. However, when he comes across this tree, he is almost instantly moved by the tree’s will to stay alive despite the fact that it’s near a lava rock where even the strongest, sturdiest tree would struggle to find food.

Inspired by the tree’s strength, the boy takes it upon himself to dig a path so that water and soil can make their way to the tree to nourish it.

Throughout the pages of To the Tree and Back, symbolism is apparent. Readers will begin to see the similarities between the boy and the tree as they both have seemingly been forgotten, yet they both stand strong and continue to grow.

As time goes on, the little boy returns as a young teenager, and later as a young man. Each time he returns, he has a new companion and new experiences to share. The tree sees the boy grow into a man and through it all, the boy experiences love and loss, and rediscovers old memories along the way.

Charlie Bud eloquently articulates the connection between the tree and the young boy in the pages of this children’s book. It’s a story that will have young readers enveloped in the plot.

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