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Why You Need a Writing Friend, and How to Find One

As authors, we’re part of an unofficial club whose members have all worked toward the same goal: Becoming a published author. That hard work earns you a membership badge of honor that you proudly wear, and we appreciate the work of our fellow writers from a distance.

It sounds like a fine, inspiration club to join, doesn’t it? All fantasies aside, in today’s blog we want to bring to light the importance of actually surrounding yourself with and engaging with people who are either working to publish a book or who have already published one.

In all aspects of life, friends help us to better ourselves and are there when we need an ear, and vice versa. Our friends keep us grounded, and they keep us wanting to reach our goals. This same reason is why finding friends who are also writers and published authors is a great way to stay on track and reach your writing goals.

So how do you find these like-minded individuals – where’s the clubhouse? Here are three tips to light the way.

Enroll in a writing class

If you’re struggling to find fellow writers to connect with, consider enrolling in a writing class. A writing class will help you meet other writers who are working to refine their craft as well. Although we like to provide you with various writing prompts to encourage you to work on your skills and tap into different sections of your imagination, a writing class will provide invaluable lessons and the ability to connect with others who share a passion for writing.

Stay positive

Perhaps the biggest piece to the writing puzzle is eliminating negativity in your life and replacing it with positivity. When looking for people to share your writing passion, you want to be selective. Eliminate people from your personal circle who will put you down and negatively criticize your work. The worst thing that you can do for yourself and for your dreams is to allow someone else to dictate your journey. You are in charge and you can choose who you surround yourself with. Choose people who will lift you up and encourage, not discourage, you.
Create a writers’ group

Let’s say that you already have assembled a group of writers who are interested in meeting and talking about their work and other various aspects of the writing journey – great! The foundation of a writers’ group has been laid. From here you can create a meeting schedule for all of you to get together and interact. Starting or joining a writers’ group is a great way to gain encouragement, share your passions, and give and receive constructive criticism from your colleagues. A writers’ group will help you grow as a writer because you will be surrounded by others who are working to achieve their own similar goals. While it would be great to have as many people as possible join the group, it’s a good idea to keep the numbers small so that you can have meaningful discussions that are specific to each person.


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