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5 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Every writer has experienced writer’s block – a period of time when it seems like the creative juices just aren’t flowing. Luckily, writer’s block doesn’t have to last forever. There are things you can do to get back in a creative mindset. Here are some ways to fuel your creativity for your next writing session and beyond.


Healthy habits

It might get old to hear, but healthy habits do go a long way. Healthy habits help you be more creative. Why? Because creativity comes from your brain! Treating your brain well will make your brain happy and productive.


Get adequate sleep, eat your vegetables, and do a quick workout to awaken the artist within. 


Create other things

Creativity breeds creativity. If you have hit a wall with writing, engage in another creative practice for fun. Drawing, painting, photography, playing music are all things that can help unlock a spark. Engaging in other art may relate to what you are writing, or it can be completely different. 


The image of a writer as someone who spends all their time alone has never been entirely accurate. Writers have found community with each other and found inspiration from spending time with others since the advent of writing! Spend some time with people who energize you in order to get out of your creative rut. Whether it is friends, family, or another community group, inspiration for writing can come from being around others. 


Move to another part

If you have come into a part of your book that is stumping you, write a different chapter or go back to work on previous parts of the book. 

Take a short break

Sometimes writer’s block can be solved with a short break. Just like taking a break from studying when you were in school, taking a break during writing and coming back can make things click into place. Walk away from the desk for a half hour if you are stuck. 


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