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10 Autumn Writing Prompts


With the arrival of the autumnal equinox this week, the weather will be getting colder and days will be getting shorter. But fear not – the fall season is the perfect season to sit down and write! Open your laptop or notebook and get back into writing mode with these autumnal writing prompts. 


1.) Coffee shop meeting

Your character’s usual coffee shop is closed due to some unforeseen circumstances, so they decide to go to one down the street instead. Someone is waiting for them. What happens next?


2.) Leaves change

Your character looks outside their window to discover that all the leaves in their neighborhood have changed color except for one tree, which is still green. How do they react? What do they do?


3.) Spooky secret

A character comes across a dark secret about their family or friend of theirs. What do they do?

4.) Scenery

Practice descriptions of scenery by writing about an autumn scene in your own life. Describe a chilly morning or breezy evening from your point of view. Use the five senses – show, don’t tell!


5.) Football game

Travel back to high school or college and have your character go to a football game. 


6.) Animal life

Autumn brings plenty of animals out as they forage for the winter season. Describe them – maybe even assume their point of view!


7.) Pumpkin person

Who is that person sitting on a park bench with a pumpkin on their head?


8.) A day in the leaf

What happens to a single leaf when it falls from a tree? Give a leaf a name and follow it around for a day.


9.) Haiku

Write some autumn themed haikus. A haiku is a poem consisting of 17 syllables, with three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. Haikus traditionally evoke seasonal imagery, so it’s only fitting!


10.) Camping trip

What happens when a group of characters goes on a fall camping trip?


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