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Why Writing Is Good for You

Have you ever been so engrossed in writing that when you finally snap out of it, you take a step back and realize how great you feel? You’ve accomplished something and have made progress in your journey to make your dreams a reality.

While there are times when we become frustrated while writing, there are those instances when writing is a therapeutic experience.

It’s the latter that we want to focus on today as we highlight just a few of the many reasons why writing is good for you.

Writing brings you into the present moment.

In blogs past, we’ve talked about tuning into the present moment to get inspiration. It’s in these moments that our writing journey challenges us to be in the moment, to experience the world that’s around us. Writing helps strengthen our observation skills, which in turn gives us a fuller, more appreciative view on life.

Writing helps us focus.

Writing isn’t easy. In fact, writing can be very challenging when our lives are hectic and our schedules are busy. However, when we’re committed to making our dreams a reality, we can tap into another level of concentration and focus that we didn’t know existed. Writing helps us hone in on our attention-to-detail and to and focus our energy on the things that matter to us.

Writing provides a creative outlet.

Creativity lives within all of us. And what better way to tap into your imagination and share it with others than through writing? Not only does this allow us to indulge our creative spirit, but writing also has positive effects on our health, self-esteem and our outlook on life. Beyond our emotions, it has been said that writing can create a general state that’s similar to meditation. This is just another reason that you should make time each day to write—your brain will thank you.

All in all, life is too short for you to not do what you love. We all have our own, unique relationship with writing and these were just three of the reasons that writing can help us both mentally and emotionally.

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