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Tips to Overcome Frustration When You’re Writing

The writing process isn’t always glamorous and enjoyable. In fact, there are times when you may begin to wonder why you even started in the first place. In these instances of frustration, you have two choices: Give in to your feelings and stop writing, or shake it off using these three tips to help you get back to it.

We hope that you went with the second option, and, if that’s the case, keep reading!

  1. The first step in overcoming frustration is to accept your feelings. No one is perfect and the journey to becoming an author isn’t either. As with most things in life, there are ups and downs, twists and turns. The best way to deal with these ebbs and flows is to be properly equipped with the right tools so that you can handle them as they come. Wipe your memory of the expectations that you’re setting for yourself and reassess the situation. Don’t hold yourself to an unachievable standard – say, writing your book from start-to-finish in a week. That’s just not attainable, and when you realize that you’re not even close to reaching your goal, you’re bound to become frustrated. Approach your goals with a realistic mindset and you should see those intense feelings of frustration begin to dissipate.
  2. Sometimes we all need to step away from work. If you can feel that your frustration is mounting and the words aren’t flowing, it’s time to close your laptop or shut your notebook, and focus on something other than writing. Grab a cup of coffee with a friend, hit the gym or catch a movie. Essentially, when you feel those familiar feelings of frustration, stop and do something else that you love. Give your mind a break and who knows, the distraction might spark creativity that will snap you out of your funk and get you right back to your writing!
  3. Don’t use your frustrations as an excuse. There’s a fine line between frustration and procrastination. Because we’re all human, we have a tendency to let things get to us. We try to be perfect, but when we realize writing is an imperfect art at best, it can leave us feeling a bit irritated. So, we use that frustration as an excuse to avoid what’s necessary to make our dreams a reality. Frustration isn’t solved by wallowing in these emotions or refusing to write until you feel inspired. Sometimes, frustration is best handled by writing more. It might sound conflicting, but it’s true. The more you write, the better you’ll feel. You could even write about frustrated you feel. What you’re writing doesn’t have to make it into your book! It’s just a way of expression what you’re feeling.

The fact of the matter is that nothing in life worth having comes easy and this definitely applies to writing. So, roll up your sleeves, shake off those emotions and get back to working on your book!

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