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Where to Have Book Signings This Summer

You may have noticed photos of authors at book signings on our social media. Book events and book signings are a great way to sell your book and promote yourself as an author. 


There are many places to hold book events this summer. See which one would work for you!

Barnes & Noble

Many Dorrance author book events take place at Barnes & Noble stores! It might seem counterintuitive, since B&N is a large corporation, but individual stores have control over books they stock and events they hold. Get in contact with your nearest store over the phone, and stop by the store to make a connection in person. Pitch yourself as a local author interested in a book signing! Be sure to know your book title and ISBN. You may also need to know that our book order department can be reached at 800-788-7654 or


Festivals and fairs

If your book is about a specific topic, look into festivals about that topic. Additionally, summer is prime time for local fairs of all kinds. State and county fairs, for example, attract large crowds of people who are local and some not who might be interested in your book.


Community marketplaces

You can have book signings at many kinds of community events such as craft shows, farmer’s markets, car shows, and more are some types of events that might be open to a local author setting up a table.

Church events

If you are connected to a church, consider promoting your book at a church event. Especially if your book is religious in theme, events held by church organizations may be a good fit. 


Libraries and Museums

As centers of community, places like libraries and small museums often host book events. Many of our authors have held talks in libraries and local museums. This is especially a good fit if your book has local connections, such as the history of an institution that matters to your community. 

You being a local author is also a draw in itself! Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment, and automatically gives you credentials. Neighbors will be interested in the fact that a published author is giving a talk. 


Summer is also the perfect time for children’s book readings, since children are out of school. Libraries will almost always have ample space for a children’s book reading. 


Overall, summer offers many opportunities for book events and book signings, regardless of whether you live in a small town or big city. 


Explore your options, and once you’ve set up an event, learn how to promote it!

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