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Hip, Hip Hooray! It’s International Limerick Day!

There once was a man with a book.
For a publisher, he did look.
“Who will help me?” he grumbled,
Until on Dorrance he stumbled.
And then, with excitement, he shook!

Happy International Limerick Day!

Each year on May 12, people from different backgrounds come together to celebrate the birthday of English artist, illustrator, author and poet, Edward Lear.

It was Lear who popularized the limerick as a poem of fun and wit, and became known as the “Father of the Limerick.”

A limerick is a very short, playful poem comprised of five lines in the AABBA structure. In other words, the first, second and last lines rhyme with each other (AAA), while the third and fourth lines are a separate rhyme (BB), as in our version above.

People began writing limericks centuries ago as simple nursery rhymes. Though many of the rhymes were written with children in mind, today there are limericks geared toward people of all ages. In fact, you may have heard some limericks that definitely skew a bit on the more, shall we say, adult side. Still, regardless of what rhymes you choose, writing a limerick can be a fun way to stretch your literary creativity.

In honor of National Limerick Day, below are some ways that you can celebrate!

1.    Though today is a celebration of limericks in particular, it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate other forms of poetry, too. What better way to celebrate than to immerse yourself in poetry. Make a special effort today to spend some time reading, writing or talking about poetry with others.

2.    Share the gift of poetry with your children! Since limericks are meant to be fun and silly, sit down with your kids and encourage them to write one on their own. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach them a new skill and to also spend quality time with one another. Read them together, and prepare to laugh!

3.     Gather a group of close friends and write together. Writing poetry can be a therapeutic and fun experience that’s great to share with others. To make things a little more interesting, pair up with a friend and write limericks about one another. Once you’ve written your poems, share your creativity with the group!

4.    Visit the “Poetry” section of the Dorrance Publishing Bookstore. In this section you’ll find myriad poems from humor to general poetry. This section will not only help you celebrate National Limerick Day, but hopefully inspire you to write some poetry of your own!

So today, immerse yourself in the art of poetry, and use National Limerick Day to help you start or continue your book publishing journey!

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