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This Author Is Honoring the Military through Her Book

This Author Is Honoring the Military through Her Book

Since yesterday was Memorial Day in the United States, a day that pays tribute to the brave men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom, we wanted to spotlight a Dorrance-published book that looks at the other side of the military that some may not always take into consideration – the families at home.

To help ensure that the sacrifices of our courageous soldiers do not go unnoticed, author Julie W. Easter, wanted to put her feelings into printed words, so she turned to Dorrance Publishing.

In her book, My Military Dad, Easter focuses on what military families sacrifice during deployment – especially the children.

More specifically, this book spotlights those children who will not hear their dad’s voice or feel his embrace for months at a time. Dads who are on the frontlines are unable to do the things that some might take for granted, such as tuck their child into bed and read a bedtime story.

It’s these heartbreaking and often-overlooked moments that Easter expresses so well in My Military Dad. This book is written to allow the reader to put him- or herself into the shoes of the children who have to experience saying goodbye to their fathers when they’re called to serve the country. Though the children understand that Daddy must go, it doesn’t lessen the sorrow they feel as their fathers leave.

Through the use of simple language, Easter articulates these instances in a way that will make you hug your loved one a little tighter.

Despite the fact that another Memorial Day has come and gone, every day is an opportunity to recognize those brave men and women who are fighting for our freedom.

We invite you to read this book to your kids and imagine what it would be like to leave each other. By doing so, it will become very clear how many sacrifices that our military families make day in and day out, and perhaps allow your young ones to gain a new appreciation for our servicemen and women.

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