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“Three Simple Questions,” One Dorrance Author

“Three Simple Questions,” One Dorrance Author

Every day, when our eyes open in the morning, we make a choice. A choice as to whether or not we do things in that 24-hour time span that will make us better as people, and whether or not we make decisions that will make us happy.

It’s no shock, but life is one decision after the next. Sure, some of those decisions can be as simple as, “This shirt or that shirt?” or, “With or without fries?” But Dorrance author Charles Horton looked at decision making in a broader sense when he penned his novel, Three Simple Questions: Being in the World, But Not of It.

In this book, Horton asked three simple questions to serve as a foundation that will help his readers guide their decisions and not only grow closer to God, but to love – day in and day out.

Life’s daily stressors have the ability to cloud our outlook on life, and we become more concerned with quick fixes and moving on to the next item on the to-do list. That’s why Horton created three overarching questions to help put life into perspective and help his readers realize what is and isn’t important. It’s these three simple questions that can make a person happier and more fulfilled, and help a person know – not hope – that they’re acting in a way that will be of benefit.

But, the great life lessons don’t stop at being asked these questions. Horton took it a step further and provided the necessary tools to achieve a deeper spiritual relationship with God and with love.

This book is comprised of three chapters, each of which addresses a different aspect of life that can create confusion without proper help and guidance.

Daily meditations are part of each chapter to help readers take a good look at and overcome challenges, and of course, to answer the three simple questions.

For Horton, writing has become his way of communicating his ideas to the world as he suffers from cerebellar degeneration, which has inhibited his speech. Horton’s storytelling ability echoes the sentiment of our founder, Gordon Dorrance, whose pioneering spirit reflected his commitment to empower “everyone with a book in them.”

If you’d like to learn about this book, you can get your copy of Three Simple Questions: Being in the World, But Not of It here!

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