Statement of Confidentiality

We acknowledge your interest and thank you for considering submitting your manuscript to Dorrance Publishing for review.

Dorrance Publishing is in the business of publishing books for a great number of authors, and its integrity depends on maintaining the confidentiality of each work presented to it. Dorrance agrees that the work you have submitted will not be used, sold, assigned, or disclosed to any other person, organization, or corporation without your permission and, further, that none of its employees, agents, officers, or directors will utilize the work in any manner unless specifically agreed to by both parties in a publishing agreement which may be entered into at a later date.

In the interest of safekeeping, Dorrance asks that you maintain possession of the original manuscript and any artwork and provide us only with a digital or photocopy of this material. Unless otherwise notified, we will assume what we have received are copies.

If your book meets our requirements, I will assign you a personal publishing consultant, who will be in touch via letter and follow-up telephone call. Our goal will be to make sure your questions are answered, and you have all the information you need to make an intelligent and informed decision about publishing service options.

We look forward to being of service.


Best Regards,





Katy Antimarino
Senior Publishing Services Consultant