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A Salute to the Armed Forces

Memorial Day is reserved for the remembrance of those who have died in active military service. This year, Memorial Day will be observed on Monday, May 26.

Whether they were written in honor of Memorial Day or to recount past historical events, military books are a genre that hits home with many people and open up a wide variety of promotional opportunities. Today, we are going to give a few examples about how to maximize your efforts.

First, just like any book of another genre, try to find relevant dates that correlate to your book’s topic. Perhaps you wrote a book about the events of World War II – for example, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This event took place on December 7, so you could plan to commemorate the “date which will live in infamy” with posts on your blog and social media sites to not only pay homage to the lives lost, but also offer your book as an outlet to read a new perspective on the event.

Another promotional opportunity could be an event in your community that commemorates a particular historical event or figure. This is a great chance to get in touch with the event organizer to possibly feature your book. It might be as simple as having your own table for a signing, or you might be able to speak to the crowd.  Either way, being prepared is essential. Be sure to bring ample copies of your book and leave behinds, keep your prepared elevator pitch fresh in your mind and, most importantly, bring a smile!

Speaking engagements also are a great means to spread the word about your new book. Consider offering to speak about your book’s topic at schools around your community. Be prepared to talk about yourself and most importantly, the events that are chronicled in your book. (When planning to visit a school be aware of each school’s security policies. Don’t forget to contact the school office to find out what will be asked of you in your district, and remember that they’re only asking these things to ensure the students’ safety!)

But perhaps the most important tip to utilize when promoting your military book is to always remember to be respectful. Rather than overshadowing an important date in history, promote your book in a way so that it acts as a supplemental piece of history that enriches people’s understanding of the event. Lives may have been lost or permanently changed during the course of the events chronicled in your book; respect that, regardless of your opinion of the event.

So, this Memorial Day and every day, remember to thank a soldier for their sacrifices and for protecting our nation. If you have recently written a military-themed book, be sure to respectfully promote your book in the hopes of spreading the word about these brave men and women.

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