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Promotion through Podcasts

Over the past few months, we have discussed a variety of ways in which an author can promote a new book.  We’ve talked about book signingselevator pitches, social media and much more.

Today, we want to talk about book promotion by way of podcasts. As a newly published author, you are very passionate about your work. Podcasts offer an author a way to verbally share that passion with a potentially new audience.

For those of you who might not be familiar with podcasts, they’re simply a digital audio file that is made available on the internet for download to a computer or portable media player. The format of a podcast is much like a radio talk show that includes one or more people talking about a specific topic – in this case your book and its content!

What makes podcasts such a fantastic promotional tool?

Convenient – Once downloaded to a user’s computer, the podcast can be listened to at any time, day or night, and can be transferred to countless devices. Whether your listeners are tuned in during their commutes or while they’re headed out for an evening jog, they can listen at their convenience, when they’ll be more receptive to your message.

Personalized – Podcasts can help you get personal with your audience either verbally or through video. This is a friendlier way to relay information to a person than if it came from an email or document, and allows a potential reader to begin to forge a personal connection with both you and your book’s characters. The hope is that they’ll want to build upon that connection through the logical next step – reading your book.

Cost efficient – As opposed to postage, printing and paper, podcasts eliminate many costs that are associated with common forms of communication. Not to mention, in this day and age, many people prefer digital media over traditional print materials.

As you can see, podcasts can be a great resource to add to your promotional arsenal. But, before you record your first podcast, we have a few pieces of advice we would like to share with you.

First, remember to do your research and find what sparks your target audience’s interest. One way of doing this is to go straight to the source. Use your social media sites and/or your blog to ask questions and tailor your podcast strategy to the feedback that you receive.

Second, avoid making your podcast sound like a sales pitch. Your podcast is meant to be not only informative, but also helpful and fun! In essence, make it worthwhile and enjoyable for your audience to listen to.

Finally, when you’re ready to record your first podcast, you can use the Sound Recorder Program under “Accessories” in Windows. Once you have your podcast, there are plenty of platforms available where you can upload your content. For example,  Apple iTunes gives users the opportunity to publish their podcasts on their site.

If you’re still uncertain about the mechanics of producing a podcast, there is a wealth of information online, just a Google search away.

So, when you’re ready to record a podcast, remember to target your audience, tailor your topic and most importantly have fun! Your enthusiasm and knowledge about your book will easily translate to your listener. Who knows, maybe one day that person on the bus with headphones in will be listening to your podcast!

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