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Dorrance Book Spotlight: The Keys

Dorrance Book Spotlight: The Keys

Poetry allows people to tap into their creative sides, pulling emotions from the depths of their souls to share with others. Poetry also helps people express themselves and spread their message to others who may be searching for answers or solace.

For Dorrance author Zhaniizha Khanni, writing poetry has allowed her to articulate her experiences in an eloquent way through a medley of poems from different perspectives.

With many authors, there’s a compelling feeling that moves them to put their ideas onto paper and to share their message with others. For Khanni, she felt that she had something positive to offer her readers, and from that, The Keys, a 32-page poetry book, was born.

Khanni shows off her versatility through pieces such as Freedom’s Child, in which she writes as if she were a parent observing a child’s spirited play. From there, she shows a stark contrast and a change of pace in a piece titled Golden Years, which vividly and candidly depicts the uncertainty and loneliness that is often a byproduct of aging.

The Keys is a compilation of insightful poems that offers inspirational and moving descriptions of her life and the lessons that she has learned over the years.  Grab your copy today!

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