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Holiday and Winter Writing Prompts

Winter is the perfect time to get comfy with your favorite hot beverage and write. For both fiction and nonfiction writers, it may be hard to get started. Here are some winter and holiday season writing prompts to warm your writing brain up!


Fiction/Character Writing

Christmas Tree Farm 

Write your characters traveling to a Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree. 


Write your characters building a snowman. How do they make it? Do they cooperate well? What does the snowman look like?



Describe the process a character goes through picking out a gift for their friend or significant other.


Use sensory language to describe a snowy winter weather scene. Think about the five senses – sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. 



Relay a short story that explains why a character doesn’t enjoy the holiday season.


Nonfiction/Personal Writing

Preserve a memory

Describe your favorite holiday of the past in detail.

Christmas in the Snow… or Sun?

What does the holiday season look like where you live? Write a paragraph about what weather you associate with the holidays.



Describe your favorite holiday food.



What do the holidays mean to you?


Describe holiday memories with your pets.

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