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A Ghostwriter is One “Ghost” You Shouldn’t Fear

If seeing your name on the spine of a book has always been your dream, but writing a complete, polished manuscript is more the stuff of nightmares, there is another way to make it a reality. Sometimes people face countless obstacles that stand between them and their dreams: Perhaps you aren’t the best writer, or you don’t have the time to write an entire book. Maybe you simply have trouble translating your ideas onto paper. Although these may sound like deal breakers in the pursuit of seeing your name on a book, all hope is not lost. A ghostwriter can help you chase your dream of being a published author.

Before we delve into the role a ghostwriter would play in the development of your book, it’s important to note that, when you work with most ghostwriters, you are the only one who receives credit for the published product. Whether the ghostwriter gets credit depends on the agreement made between you and the writer.  Generally, the ghostwriter’s name doesn’t appear anywhere on the spine of your book .

So just what would a ghostwriter do? To begin, it’s safe to say that they wear a number of hats. Not only can a ghostwriter write an entire book for a person, but they also can play an integral role in the collaborative process. Ghostwriters also offer counseling and act as a devil’s advocate to help create, shape and guide your ideas down the right path. Most importantly, ghostwriters write – as much or as little as you need.

Furthermore, for authors who have previously published a book of their own, they can employ the services of a ghostwriter to produce additional books that mimic the author’s style of writing.

So, whether you hire a ghostwriter to edit and clean up a rough draft, for their idea counseling or to have them write a book in its entirety, ghostwriting is just another way to one day see your name on the spine of a published book.

If working with a ghostwriter is something that sparks your interest, Dorrance Publishing has a team of writers who can help turn your idea into a finished manuscript quickly and affordably. Through our ghostwriting services, you will work directly with one of our skilled writers throughout the entire process, helping you bring your book idea to life. You’ll play an integral role in the development of your book by reviewing every word that is written until you are satisfied with the finished product.

Whatever your ghostwriting needs may be, Dorrance can help bring your book ideas to life!

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