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How to Get Your Kids Into Writing

Getting your kids to read is one thing, encouraging them to write is another. So, how can you get your kids to love writing? Below are four helpful tips to get you started.

Equip them with writing materials.

Do you remember when it was back-to-school time and the excitement you’d feel picking out brand-new school supplies? Channel those same feelings in order to get your kids excited about writing: Take them on a shopping trip and give them the opportunity to pick out their own writing utensils, paper and whatever else they’ll need. When it comes time to write, they’ll feel a sense of pride and excitement about putting them to good use.

Lead by example.

As parents, we are our children’s role models. We’re the people that they look up to, and the example they’re trying to emulate. That being said, if you want your child to experience the joy of writing, the best way is for you to lead by example and inspire your children to join you in writing. Not only is this a great way to get your kids involved, but it’s also a bonding experience that you can share with your little ones. Take it an extra step and brainstorm writing prompts that you can both use. Once you’re done, share and compare your stories!

Give them something to write about.

We all suffer from writer’s block every now and again. What better way to get the creative juices flowing than to point your kids in the write direction? Encourage your children to write about topics that interest them. Whether they want to write about a story they’ve created in their imagination or about their favorite sport or hobby, give them the creative license to write about whatever interests them. This will motivate them to put pen to paper and craft a story that they’ll be proud to share.

Be their biggest fan.

While your child is writing, it’s important to be as helpful and encouraging as possible. Work with them to uncover ideas and, when asked, help them with proper grammar and punctuation. Most importantly, continually give them words of encouragement to keep writing!

These were just four tips to help encourage your child to start writing. How do you encourage the kids in your life to write?

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