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Five Tips to Help You “Spring” Into Writing

The start of spring offers the promise of renewal and the opportunity to pursue your book publishing dreams.

So today, we want to do a little spring cleaning, shake off the dust and uncover some tips that will help you spring into action by finishing your manuscript and publishing your book!

Always be open to writing – Whether you are enjoying the solitude of your back patio or on a crowded commuter train, it’s always a great time to write. Sometimes different situations will stir new emotions that will allow you to open the lines of creativity. So whether you are taking advantage of a quiet moment at home or using your smartphone on your walk to work to record your thoughts, you should always be open to a sudden rush of inspiration!

Get organized – In previous blogs we’ve covered such topics as the snowflake method and the importance of outlines. The common theme between these ideas is that each of them offered a solution to organizing your thoughts. It’s important to not lose track of the notes that you have taken about your book. If you want to stay on track and keep a record of your book’s progression, it’s a good idea to have all of these notes in one place. A scattered mind can lead to scattered writing, so organize the thoughts that you’ve written down and refer to them when necessary. You’ll thank yourself when you’re writing and your story is flowing cohesively.

Make the red pen your best friend – Despite the fact that as a kid you more than likely thought seeing red marks on a test or a book report was a bad thing, seeing red on your book draft now can actually be a good thing! Why? Because having someone edit your work opens up the opportunity to see your book through someone else’s eyes! Even if this person is a friend or colleague, rather than a professional book editor, a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective can be a huge value to your work-in-progress. Perhaps you thought that every detail was well-thought out. That might change when the editor comes back with a question that illuminates the absence of an integral piece to your story. That once scary red pen should be your best friend because editing helps you craft the book you’ve always dreamed of writing.

Stay calm – Don’t worry, there isn’t an official timer as to when your book should be completed. Your book writing adventure is just that – it’s yours. It’s important not to fog your mind with unnecessary pressure to meet deadlines. Though it is a good practice to set deadlines and goals for yourself, do not get discouraged if you are unable to meet them. Rather, work a little harder to reach your next goal. In the end, set your own pace that works best for you and the finished book of your dreams will follow.

Write the book you want to read – Last but certainly not least, never lose sight of why you started writing your book in the first place. If you are writing about your favorite sports team, then really write about them! What we mean by this is that you shouldn’t hold back, you should write down the thoughts and convey the passion that you’ve always wanted to express to others! Writing a book allows an author to spread his or her message, and in the end, you want to write a book that you would want to buy at a bookstore and take home with you to read.

We can only hope that this blog offered you that fresh burst of inspiration that you needed to help you spring into writing.

So the next time that you start to write your book, think about these five tips, and let the book of your dreams blossom with Dorrance Publishing!

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