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Finding the “Write” Place

Finding inspiration to work on writing your book can be difficult at times.  But when you’re pursuing your publishing dream, you are already on a journey of making the impossible possible.

So if you are searching for some sources of inspiration, look no further. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to spur on your creative juices. That’s why today we are going to offer you four places to consider writing.

Coffee shop – Imagine sitting in a cozy coffee shop: Soft music and the sound of the espresso machine can be heard in the background, the warm smell of freshly brewed coffee permeates the air. All around you are people engrossed in conversation, reading, typing away on their laptops or simply relaxing. There you are with your favorite drink and a pen in your hand (or your laptop open), ready to write. Take a look around you, observe your surroundings, and pay attention to people’s body language, their habits and what they are wearing. All of these and more could spark your imagination to continue writing and enrich your story.

Library  The solitude of a library might be just what you need to write your book. Whether you are tucked away in a stack of books or situated at a table, the library is the perfect backdrop to write and read. After all, there may be no better way to get inspired than to peruse different books in your genre to learn a new style, study how a plot develops and much more!

The great outdoors – Whether it’s a local park or a walk through the city, heading outdoors is a fantastic way to soak in some inspiration. While you are outside, take in the sights and sounds around you. Just like the busy coffee shop, pay attention to the people near you and what they are talking about. Who knows, they could say something that you’ve been searching for a way to say for quite some time!

Bookstore  A bookstore is teeming with literary genius of every genre. Just like a library, a bookstore gives a writer the chance to take a dive headfirst into all things literature. Though a little bit livelier than a library, a bookstore is an environment where you can both people watch for inspiration or put your head down and get to work. Some even have reading nooks or in-store coffee bars where you can relax and let the inspiration flow. If you’re not convinced, just imagine what your book would look like on the shelf of a popular bookstore. Are you inspired yet?

Though these are only a few suggestions, in the end it’s all based on where you feel comfortable. So, whether it’s on a wicker chair on your porch or on the train to and from work, find a place where you feel inspired and write for as long as your creativity allows!

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