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End Your Summer on a Positive Note

End Your Summer on a Positive Note

This past weekend proved to be a busy one! Not only was Sunday National Read a Book Day, yesterday was Labor Day, which is often recognized as the unofficial end to summer.

Though some are looking forward to the feelings of fall, others are clinging to the last days of warm weather. Whichever season you prefer, summer doesn’t officially end until Wednesday, September 23, which means that there’s still time to do some summer reading!

If you’re in the market for one more book to round out your summer reading list, look no further! Dorrance author, Dr. Girraj K. Bansal, M.D., Ph.D., is going to take you on a Journey in Solitude.

Lust, anger, greed, pride and ego are the five sheaths in life that prove to be ever-challenging for this poet, who works endlessly to understand nature and human relationships.

Through solitude Dr. Bansal is able to form clear thoughts, deep feelings and emotions about different events he has experienced in his life.

Within the 130 pages of this thought-provoking book lies a collection of poetry and photographs, as well as lines and verses that were thoughtfully crafted from Dr. Bansal’s scientific and medical knowledge. Every page is infused with an effect that allows the reader to experience abstract human and natural phenomena along with poetic creativity and panoramic clarity.

If you’ve been searching for inspiration and have yet to find a source, this poetry book will inspire you to look within. Dr. Bansal compares and contrasts the mind and the body, the mind and the soul, the heart and the brain, and much more, all to challenge his readers to think beyond what they are reading and to do some soul-searching to find a deeper meaning.

Journey in Solitude invites readers to join Dr. Bansal in his solitary contemplation about things that many people rarely notice in everyday life, and to look beyond the surface.

End your summer on a positive, inspirational note and pick up your own copy of Journey in Solitude to discover and experience through a whole new lens the world around us.

Happy reading!

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