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Dorrance Writing Coach 101

Dorrance Writing Coach 101

Did you know that Dorrance doesn’t only offer publishing services? We help authors at every step of the writing process. If you have a piece of writing and need help finishing it, or need general feedback and guidance on your writing, then the Dorrance Writing Coach program is right for you!


We enlisted the help of Amanda, a Dorrance Writing Coach, to get to know the program and it’s services a little better.


How long have you been a Dorrance Writing Coach?


I’ve been a writing coach for a year. 


What does a Writing Coach do?


A writing coach helps the author strengthen their work by providing advice and feedback on their manuscripts or a working idea that the author is looking to expand on and needs help with any ideas they have for the direction of their story, whether it’s nonfiction or fiction. 


How does the Dorrance Writing Coach process work? From beginning to end, what can a writer who enlists your services expect?  


The writing coach process is hands on and tailored to what the author needs help regarding their story. It starts with an extensive consultation via email or by phone where I ask them about their background, why they have decided to write their story and what kind of feedback they’re looking for. I usually work on completed manuscripts and provide my feedback using Track Changes on Microsoft Word or an Editorial Letter, depending on the author’s preference. 


Sometimes, the author might need help with an existing idea and I’ll help them with an outline or my professional opinion on potential ideas they might have on their story. It’s important that the author feels comfortable and the time is used so it suits them best. Sometimes, an email consultation is enough and other times they prefer to have an extensive phone conversation about what they need and respond to my feedback or it’s a mix of both. Regardless, the author lets me know what they need and we work together so that they can improve their story and make it the best it can be. 


What has been your most memorable experience as a Writing Coach?


It’s always incredibly rewarding to help writers with their stories! I once helped a high school principal on his memoir that he wrote for his young students so that they could learn from the adversity that he faced when he was their age and how he improved his life by studying and working hard. His memoir was inspirational and very funny! It was great helping him knowing his students and other readers would find his memoir helpful and inspiring. 


What are your biggest pieces of advice for writers?


My biggest piece of advice is to keep a writing schedule! The authors I work with are very talented but busy people and they have a hard time balancing their work, family, and writing. I would advise to take out 30 minutes or an hour a few days out of the week to only sit down and write since that discipline will make it easier to write consistently. 



If you would like to enlist the help of a Dorrance Writing Coach, contact us!

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