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Dorrance Publishing’s Guide to Holiday Cooking

As people all over the United States prepare for their Thanksgiving feasts this Thursday, we wanted to provide you with some resources that will help you prepare a delicious meal that your loved ones will always remember.

Our Dorrance authors know a thing or two about entertaining, and many of them put their expertise into words for all to read. So without further ado, here’s a sampling of three of our Dorrance-published cookbooks right from the Dorrance Bookstore!

Grandma’s Back to Basics All Natural More Than Just a CookbookThis isn’t your typical cookbook! Dorrance author Teresa Thompson, pairs her delicious recipes with helpful notes and hints along the way. There is also a variety of suggestions and solutions to problems that many cooks experience while in the kitchen. If you or your loved ones suffer from food allergies like Thompson, this cookbook contains a variety of allergen-free recipes that are perfect for the cook of any level. Thompson also provides you with the tips you need to prevent your perfect pie from spilling over during the baking process. That’s just the beginning; give Grandma’s Back to Basics All Natural More Than Just a Cookbook a try this holiday season!

For the Love of PumpkinsMarilyn Alice Tuckman’s love for all things pumpkin is evident in her book, For the Love of Pumpkins. In this cookbook, readers learn how to incorporate fresh and canned pumpkin, as well as hulled pumpkin seeds, into 100 irresistible recipes. From soups to savory side dishes, light entrees to snacks to, of course, dessert, this cookbook will have you covered no matter the meal this holiday season! In addition to the recipes, there is plenty of useful information that will help you know what to look for when buying pumpkins, how to seed and peel fresh pumpkins, and how to make homemade pumpkin puree. For the Love of Pumpkins is definitely a cookbook that you want in your hands this holiday season!

The Instant Wine ConnoisseurA holiday get-together is a wonderful time to enjoy fine wines and spirits with your loved ones. A shared love of wine inspired Dorrance authors Mervyn L. Hecht and John Blanchette, to collaborate on The Instant Wine Connoisseur. In this Dorrance-published book, readers get a glimpse into the art of wine and food pairings. You’ll discover famous chefs and restaurants from around the world, try their recipes, and learn about the best areas of the world for wine production. The information in this book will give novice or refined wine drinkers a better understanding of the different tastes of wines and their sources. This knowledge will help you pair your holiday menu with the perfect wine!

With any good party, food is what brings people together. This year, spice up your menu with some recipes and ideas from these books, and start a new wave of traditions for you and your family!

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