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Dorrance Book Spotlight: Ranger, Texas

Dorrance Book Spotlight: Ranger, Texas

Tumbleweeds, hot temperatures, dust storms and run-down bars. These are just some of the sights you’ll experience as you navigate around the Wild, Wild West in Dorrance author Tim Allman’s book, Ranger, Texas.


Allman is a retired police officer and skilled outdoorsman. This expertise helped him craft a book that provides realistic and chilling descriptions of the firefights and confrontations that form the story. His authentic and vivid descriptions in Ranger, Texas help bring a piece of history to life.


It’s 1874 and the sleepy town of Ranger, TX, is in impending danger. Rookie Texas Ranger, John Foley, is the only one standing up for the law. As an army of one, Foley is left to face a gang of armed men as he works feverishly to carry out his mission.


But Foley doesn’t let the Texas heat or the battle get to him as he stays cool under fire during his first draw.


His sharp wit and quick skill with his gun is the only protection that he has in the Wild, Wild West.


If you’re a fan of Westerns and want to feel the heat of the desert rising up from the pages of your book, Ranger, Texas is a classic Western epic.


Are you ready to experience the Old West through the imagination of Tim Allman and the eyes of John Foley? If so, order your copy of Ranger, Texas today!


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