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Dorrance Book Spotlight: Learning to Encourage Yourself

Dorrance Book Spotlight: Learning to Encourage Yourself

Life can be tough. In fact, there are so many ups and downs and twists and turns that sometimes we feel as if we have only ourselves to rely on for help navigating it all.

This is what motivated Dorrance author, Hephzibah, a writer with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from New York University and a native of New Jersey who now currently lives in California, to pen the self-help book, Learning to Encourage Yourself.

As summer vacation has arrived for many kids, this means that there’s plenty of free time that can be filled with reading. In this 24-page paperback book that’s perfect for parents and kids alike, Hephzibah puts her experiences to paper as she recounts some not-so-easy events that took place during her life.

As parents, we understand the struggles that come with growing up. We’ve experienced them firsthand, and unfortunately, we can probably recall some instances from our childhood when we were teased for one thing or another. After dealing with her own experiences being teased as a child, Hephzibah brings to light the importance of learning to rely not on others, but on the power that lives within each of us.

Learning to Encourage Yourself outlines some of the obstacles that kids and teenagers face on a day-to-day basis, and emphasizes the need to be strong and work past these negative times. Rather than dwelling on the circumstances and agonizing about what could have been, Hephzibah encourages her readers to find the positives in life, focus on those and realize that every experience that we go through provides a chance to learn and grow.

We all gather inspiration from various sources; for this Dorrance author, her overarching source of inspiration was the Bible. Throughout the pages of her book, Hephzibah includes a variety of powerful and poignant Biblical quotes to bolster her messages of encouragement.

The wisdom of Hephzibah doesn’t stop there. In fact, she urges her readers to open themselves up to God as a way of enhancing life while gaining strength, because “nothing will happen that is out of His control.”

If you’re looking for an inspirational start to your summer reading list, Learning to Encourage Yourself is the book for you. Get a copy for yourself and others from the Dorrance Bookstore today!

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