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Dorrance Book Spotlight: My Experience on Reducing Stress

Dorrance Book Spotlight: My Experience on Reducing Stress

Our lives can be very stressful. Whether it’s because of our jobs, our kids or the pressures of everyday life, stress can be a constant and often debilitating experience.

Dorrance author Ahmed Aldawas is no stranger to stress and anguish. By reflecting on his life experiences, he is able to provide unique perspective on these conditions in his book My Experience on Reducing Stress.

After suffering from debilitating stress for five years, Aldawas decided to attack this condition head on and made a commitment to change his life for the better. Through trial and error, finally finding the right blend of coping techniques and other ways to deal with stress, he decided to put his ideas and experiences into print to help others.

In this 74-page paperback book, Aldawas begins by breaking down the body’s physical reaction to stress by highlighting the importance of changing your mindset when faced with adversity, fear, distress and loneliness.

There’s no denying that there is a mind-body connection; understanding the interworkings of this relationship can help reduce the feelings of stress and help you find balance in your life. A mixture of exercise, healthy diet and positive thinking, in addition to Aldawas’ thoughtful perspective, will provide you with a realistic plan for defeating stress and drastically altering your lifestyle.

My Experience on Reducing Stress draws on a scientific approach to unlock the power of conquering stress to help guide the reader through a positive journey to find a balanced life, happiness and peace.

Reducing stress isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience – everyone’s journey is different. But for anyone looking to manage their responses to stress, My Experience on Reducing Stress can be used as a resource to look within and conquer the pressures of life on your own terms.

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