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Dorrance Book Spotlight: Princess Bellarina

Dorrance Book Spotlight: Princess Bellarina

The tug of war between good and evil is the main focus of Dorrance author Marilyn Obsuna’s book, Princess Bellarina.

The theme of this story is something we can all relate to on a human level: Day-in and day-out we are all tested to make good decisions and stand up to the evil temptations that surround us.

Throughout the pages of this book, we see the back-and-forth struggle between good and bad, and while evil nearly wins, the forces of love and virtue offer Princess Bellarina the wherewithal and determination to fight for what’s right and let the good triumph.

The story begins with Princess Bellarina being cursed by the Duchess Magda and hindered by the jealousy of Alyssel, the Duchess’ daughter. These two forms of evil are the thorns in Princess Bellarina’s side as she finds herself alone and isolated from the love of both her family and her fiancé, Prince Rainiel. As Princess Bellarina navigates her journey to reclaim her own beauty and her position in the Kingdom of Clodia, she’s also searching for the love of her life, Rainiel. However, she knows that she’s facing an uphill battle as the entire kingdom is under the black magic power of Duchess Magda.

The future of the entire land rests on the shoulders of the princess, and she realizes that it’s going to be a difficult fight to reclaim what means the most to her and defeat the evil that’s trickling down from Duchess Magda and Alyssel.

Princess Bellarina knows that she cannot do this on her own, so she employs the help of some new friends to prove that the power of love is a far stronger force than evil.

This engaging and innovative fairy tale celebrates the innate strength of a woman and her love.

Princess Bellarina is Obsuna’s first published book. Get a copy, today!

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