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Define Your Why

We all have different sources of motivation. We’re driven to write for various reasons, and those reasons are unique to our own circumstances.

In today’s blog post, we cover the topic of defining your own unique why—the foundation to all your efforts.

First and foremost, your why is your starting point. It’s the defining mark of your writing journey and gives everything you do a purpose. Some people write to be fulfilled. Some write to touch other people’s hearts. Still others write to fuel their passions.

No matter your motive, at the core of your why should be your love of writing. When you have a passion for something, it makes it enjoyable; it makes it sustainable.

You have to love writing and see it as not just a hobby, but as the oxygen that fuels your creativity.

At the end of the day, you have to write for the right reasons.

Write because you can.
Write because you can’t imagine your life without storytelling.
Write for yourself.
Write to help others.
Write because it brings you happiness.
Write because you’ve been given a talent you don’t want to waste.
Write because you want to leave a legacy for future generations.
Write because you love it.

Take the time to jot down your own list of reasons why you write, because if you get lost in the shuffle and write to please others or to gain notoriety, you’ll quickly lose steam. Once that happens, the words you’re writing won’t feel genuine; instead, they’ll feel forced.

Whether you’re in the throes of your writing process or are about to start, we encourage you to take a step back and establish a purpose for your writing.

Once you’ve defined your why, you can use it as your compass to help navigate you on your journey. Use it as a constant source of motivation and a reminder that you are working to make your dreams a reality.

We all have our reason why we write; make today the day that you define yours.

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