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Brody’s List: A Christmas Message for Kids of All Ages

Brody’s List: A Christmas Message for Kids of All Ages

Brody’s List: A Christmas Message for Kids of All Ages is a thoughtful tale written by Dorrance Publishing author Jean Goodwin Messinger.

While Messinger’s belief in Santa was unshakeable, she can remember as a youngster, worrying that other children didn’t get the chance to enjoy the holiday and the presents like she did. She decided to turn her experiences as a child into a 42-page paperback book that’s a perfect stocking stuffer.

Brody’s List begins as the festivities of Christmas Day are winding down. The turkey and other delicious foods have been eaten, the family get-together has come and gone, and all of the gifts have been opened.

As little Brody is getting ready for bed, his mother, like always, talks to him about his day. She quickly notices that something is wrong.

Brody confides in his mother that, though he was happy he got what he wanted – snow, time with his family, and gifts – he couldn’t stop thinking about his friend, Jason, who didn’t get what he’d asked Santa to bring. Both boys asked for skateboards and catcher’s mitts, but Santa seemed to have forgotten about Jason’s wishes.

It didn’t take but a second for her motherly instincts to kick in, and Brody’s mom made a game in which she promised a reward.

She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down seven names of people in their neighborhood. She then told Brody that he had to go around and ask these seven people what exactly Christmas meant to them.

Brody, with paper in hand, set out to ask all seven people this question. It didn’t take long for him to realize that the meaning of Christmas is different for all people.

Brody’s List is a simple story with a meaningful message that translates to believers of all ages.

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