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Author Spotlight: Mary Franklin, “The Murder Suicide House”

This week on Author Spotlight we have a conversation with Dorrance author Mary Franklin. Her book, The Murder Suicide House, is the result of years of investigations of the paranormal at a friend’s property. Franklin discusses her motivations for writing the book, interests outside of the paranormal, and why you should be respectful of places you visit!


Name: Mary Franklin


Hometown: Muskogee


Describe your book in ten words or less: The evil was taking souls deep into darkness for eternity.


What made you want to write the book?

My friend Steven who also is a writer encouraged me to write and not stop or give up.        


How long did it take you to write the book?

5 years of going through data. The case packet is 18 inches thick.


How did you become interested in paranormal investigating?

My parents always spoke about ghosts. I decided at a young age to prove them wrong. I  now know they were not far from wrong. I had questions about the afterlife nobody could answer. So I have been searching for years for some sort of answer to my questions. 

How did you decide what paranormal occurrences or anecdotes to include in the book?

It wasn’t easy. I chose parts that showed demonic infestation are dangerous and can effect our daily lives. Tearing at the very heart of our soul.


What was your favorite chapter or part to write and why?

It had to be bishop Kelly. He gave me words of wisdom. He encouraged me to be safe and stand on my faith. He gave his life trying to cleanse the evil from the house.


Besides paranormal investigating, what are your other interests?

 I am a member of ASPCA. I rescue and place animals in safe forever homes. I teach our young native children about their heritage and preserving our traditions.


How did you celebrate publishing your book?

Besides jumping up and down and smiling feeling proud. My husband and I went out and had a very lovely meal.

Any advice for those looking to get into the paranormal investigation?

Always be respectful of those you can’t see or hear. And not everything is paranormal. Look for the rational before the irrational. But most of all have fun and document everything. 


What do you hope readers will take away from The Murder Suicide House?

To be careful in what you do in the paranormal, evil is all around us just waiting to be released. Be careful in what you do in the paranormal and be respectful. If all seems to be terrifying just leave. Don’t play where evil lives.


What did you enjoy most about working with Dorrance Publishing?

Everyone was so helpful and helped me every step of my journey. I have learned so much from everyone. I highly recommend Dorrance Publishing to any new writer.

You can purchase The Murder Suicide House at the Dorrance Bookstore.

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