Authors in the News

Dorrance authors and their books are making headlines.

Dorrance Author Featured on WGN Radio

Jorj Morgan, author of Sunday Best Dishes was featured in an interview on Chicago’s WGN Radio.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Hudson Valley Press

Torrance R. Harvey M.S. ED., author of Ya Sankofa! was featured in The Hudson Valley Press.

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Dorrance Author Featured on

Dino J. Gutierrez, author of Stranded: The Long Journey Home was featured on

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Orchard Park Bee

Jacob Mashburn, author of Collection of Poetry was featured in the Orchard Park Bee.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Times Record

David Banks, author of Fort Whiskey was featured in the Times Record.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Farmville Herald

Shirley Robertson Lee, author of Trails and Trailblazers was featured in the Farmville Herald. 

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Aspetuck News

AA Freda, author of A Police Action was featured in the Aspetuck News

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Dorrance Authors Featured in The Journal

DJ Park, author of The Mystery of the Weeping Friar was featured in The Journal

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Sun Gazette

Michael Anthony Cillo, author of Abby’s Tails: The Quest Begins was featured in the Sun Gazette. 

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Dorrance Author Featured in the OrovilleMR

Chloe Ryan Winston, author of Mexican Marimbas was featured in the OrovilleMR.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Highlands Ranch Herald

Marta Tullis, author of Under Five Flags was featured in the Highlands Ranch Herald.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Tribune Chronicle

Judy Lennington, author of Saving Diana was featured in the Tribune Chronicle.

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Dorrance Author Received National Acclaim for Wrestling Book

Dr. Bill Welker received a Beverly Hills International Book Award for his book, Mat Talk.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Chester County Press

Father Michael Domani, author of PassionTide was featured in the Chester County Press 

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Dorrance Author Featured in The Writer’s Life

A.A. Freda, author of A Police Action was featured in The Writer’s Life 

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Dorrance Author Featured in The Intelligencer

Dr. Bill Welker, author of the Sparrow’s Spirit  a Champion Wrestler’s Lifetime Reflections on Prayer and Perseverance was featured in The Intelligencer.  

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Dorrance Author & Book Receive Positive Reviews on Amazon

KB Schaller, author of DreamTrek: Journey Through the Night’s Door received 11 positive reviews on Amazon.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Bucks County Courier Times

Larry Hannon, author of Racing the Hands of Time was featured in the Bucks County Courier Times

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Jewish News

Leon H. Gildin, author of The Polski Trilogy was featured in the Jewish News

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Dorrance Author Featured on Tide 102.9

Jim Gumm, author of Conference Pride was featured on Tide 102.9. 

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Columbus CEO

Barbara Lyons, author of Out of the Depths was featured in a Columbus CEO article.

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Dorrance Author Featured in PJP Newspapers – West Life

Bev Urban, author of The Final Turn was featured in a PJP Newspapers- West Life article.

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Dorrance Author Featured in WISC News

Tom Pisapia, author of Pottersville: Where Is the Bailey Building and Loan? was featured in a WISC News article.

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Dorrance Author Featured in an Interview with

Jamil Soucar, author of Real Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z was featured in an interview with

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Reading Eagle

Dorrance author, Carol Balinski’s book, The Story of Jessie Handle, was featured in the Reading Eagle.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Marietta Daily Journal

Dorrance author, James M. Thomas’ book, A New Gilded Age, Stories and Essays, was featured in the Marietta Daily Journal.

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Dorrance Author Featured in TV Interview

Dorrance author, Monsignor Craig Harrison’s book, Pax Et Bonum, was featured a “17 on Set” segment.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Tribune Chronicle

Dorrance author, Judy Lennington’s book, Bend in the River, was featured in the Tribune Chronicle.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Times Ledger

Dorrance author, Kelly Anne’s book, Lost in a Dream, was featured in the Times Ledger.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Standard-Speaker

Dorrance author, Joan Harmon’s book, The Survivors: Recovery Through Grief Support Groups, was featured in the Standard-Speaker.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Northern Kentucky News

Dorrance author, Samuel Mangold-Lenett’s book, The Anxiety of a Millennial, was featured in the Northern Kentucky News.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Kirkland Reporter

Dorrance author, Les C. Newvine’s book, King Rooster and Little Chicken, was featured in the Kirkland Reporter.

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Dorrance Author Featured in The Siskiyou Daily News

Dorrance author, Lewis Karstensson’s book, Levity, was featured in The Siskiyou Daily News.

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Dorrance Author Featured in My Central Jersey

Dorrance author, Father J. Michael Venditti’s book, A Reader’s Companion to Sherlock Holmes, was featured in My Central Jersey.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the New Port Independent

Dorrance author, Catherine Wilborn-Dowd’s book, Don’t Give Up…Live Life to the Fullest, was featured in the New Port Independent.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Chester County Press

Dorrance author, Josephine B. Pasquarello’s book, Love & Loyalty, was featured in the Chester County Press.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Zambia Daily Mail

Dorrance author, Elliam M. Mulenga’s book, The Forgotten Soldiers, was featured in the Zambia Daily Mail.

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Dorrance Author Featured in My Record Journal

Dorrance author, Caesar Rondina and his book, inspired by true events, The Soul In Our Hearts and Who Are the Heroes, was featured in the My Record Journal.

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Dorrance Author Featured in Herald-Mail Media

Dorrance author, Jiri Cernik and his book, inspired by true events, The Shots at Iron Mountain, were featured in the Herald-Mail Media.

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Dorrance Author Donates Book to Local Library

Dorrance author, M.C. de Averio donated a copy of her book, Amalia, to the Williamsburg Regional Library.

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The Deccan Chronicle Reviews Dorrance-Published Book

Dorrance author, Gopal Vishwanath’s book, Odes of Love, was reviewed by the Deccan Chronicle.

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The Orange County Register Spotlights Dorrance Author

Dorrance author Merrill O’Glaughlin, author of two fantasy books – Aengus O’Toole’s Pooka Friend and Aengus O’Toole and the Wiccan Sisters – was recently featured in The Orange County Register.

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Dorrance Author Featured in My MSAA Today

Dorrance author Vincent Spoto, and his book Multiple Sclerosis … Why Not Me? was featured in the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America’s monthly newsletter and the Summer/Fall issue of The Motivator, both announcing the inclusion in their free lending library.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Mansfield News Journal

Dorrance author, Randall Dean Bryhn’s and his fantasy novel, “The Chronicles of MU: Another Time, Another Place … In the Beginning,” were featured in an article in the Mansfield News Journal.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the USA Today

Dorrance author, Eunice David and her book, “Hal David: His Magic Moments,” were featured in an article in the USA Today.

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Dorrance Author Featured in Beaudesert Times

Dorrance author, Helen Schiller Brilliant and her book, “Bluey the Fly is a Bully,” were featured in an article in the Beaudesert Times.

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Dorrance Author Featured in The Delaware County Daily Times

Dorrance author, Ronald Francis, Sr. and his book, “Rites of Passage for Our Youth,” were featured in an article in The Delaware County Daily Times.

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Dorrance Author Featured in Article

Dorrance author, Georgette Griffith and her book, “Memories: Moments in Time,” were featured in an article in

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Dorrance Author Featured in the ChicoER

Dorrance author, Chloe Ryan Winston and her book, “China Caper,” were featured in an article in the ChicoER.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the New Jersey Daily Record

Dorrance author, Bob Buccino and his book, “New Jersey Mob,” were featured in an article in the New Jersey Daily Record.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Polk County Itemizer-Observer

Dorrance author, Brittney Hall and her book, “The Adventures of Guh the Wonderdog,” were featured in an article in the Polk County Itemizer-Observer.

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Dorrance Author Featured in the Richmond Register

Dorrance author, Shirley Spires Baechtold and her book, “I’ll Be Looking at the Moon,” were featured in an article in the Richmond Register.

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Dorrance Author Featured in Community Magazine

Dorrance author, Derek C. Glissman and his book, “Eli,” were featured in an article in Ottumwa Life.

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Dorrance Author Featured in Local Newspaper

Dorrance author, Dennis Hill and his book, “Mind Passages,” were featured in an online article.

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Dorrance Author Featured in USA Today

Dorrance author, the late Hal David and his book, “His Magic Moments,” were featured in a USA Today article.

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Dorrance Author Featured in “The Spirit of Penn’s Garden”

Dorrance author, Kevin J. Wilson and his book, “Table for One,” were featured in the “The Spirit of Penn’s Garden.”

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Dorrance Author Tells Story Through a Dog’s Perspective

Dorrance author, Donna Cockayne Bonno and her book, “Hello Again, This Is Wally Bonno,” were featured in the “Waterton Daily Times.”

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Dorrance Author Draws Parallels Between Children’s Book and Personal Experiences

Dorrance author, Annie Streit and her book, “Scooter and His Scoot Scoot,” were featured in the “Current in Noblesville.”

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Seven Decades and a Dorrance Published Book

Dorrance author, Donna Taylor’s book is headed to shelves 70 years after it was written.

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Dorrance Author Writes an Inspired Tale

Brittani Meis’ debut novel was featured in Iowa’s The Telegraph Herald.

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Killen Teen Pens Faith-based Book

Dorrance author, Maegan Tisdale was featured in The News Courier for her book, “Life and Death.”

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Dorrance Author is Featured on

Craig E. Burgess, author of “A Fleeting Glimpse of Paradise – Photographic and Poetic Images of the Hawaiian Islands” was featured in an article on

New Castle News Features Dorrance Author

Mark Summerville, author of “The Story Teller,” was featured in the “County Clips” section of the New Castle News.

Kit Moulton’s Book Feature in Online Publication

Dorrance author Kit Moulton, author of Annabella was featured in the online edition of Times Record, the news source for Fort Smith, Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma.

Dorrance Author Publishes Book of Religious Poems

Gary D. Quarles, author of Inspirational Poems of God’s Love and Guidance recently published a 202-page book with over 150 poems.

Spy Novel Featured in Santa Monica Newspaper

Wes Truitt, author of Stealth Gambit was featured in the Santa Monica Daily Press in February.

Dorrance Author Featured in January Newsletter

Patricia Conlan, author of Tails Of The Flannel Cat was featured in the California State Retiree January Newspaper.

Lawrence Author Publishes Children’s Christmas Story

Samuel’s Christmas Story by Catherine Weller, was featured in

Aussie Lawrence Heart and Sole of Houston Runners

Author Al Lawrence was spotlighted in The Houston Chronicle.

Author Publishes Intriguing Book on Americans

Americans, the Beautiful People, by Bernard Caley, was featured in Ink Free News

Fiona’s World is First In Series by Franksville Author

Dorrance author Jayne Wolff was featured in The Journal Times for her debut book.

Book About Introducing Baby to Dog Featured In Two News Articles

The Indiana Gazette and The Almanac spotlighted author Jodi E. Uhron’s book, Sydney & Me.

Book Notes: Oz, Revisited

Oz: The Final Journey by The Enchanted Hearts, a Dorrance-published sequel to The Wizard of Oz, was featured in The Oklahoman.

Dorrance Book Named “Pic of the Literature”

The Dorrance-published The Nonconformist, by Paul Hayden, was dubbed the “Pic of the Literature” by Eastern Surf Magazine.

Eagar Authors Publish Novel About a Woman Who Finds Danger on Vacation

The White Mountain Independent spotlighted Shadows Within the Mist, a Dorrance book by authors PJ Wiltbank and CJ Bohala.

Articles Feature The Pittsburgh Gentleman: There’ll Never Be Another One Like It

Dorrance author John Kirwan’s book was featured in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Sports Collectors DailyRecently added: The Johnstown, PA, Tribune-Democrat.

Lessons Learned from a Holocaust Survivor

Nelli’s Journey: From the Depths of Evil to Reconciliation and Beyond, by author Nina Kaleska, inspired this blog post on

Raising Children to be Soldiers of Allah

Dorrance-published A 20 Million Billion Trillion Dollar Loss, by Shudhansu S. Tunga, was cited by The Gatestone Institute, an International Policy Council think tank.

Troy Hill Author Creates Exciting New World

The North Side Chronicle spotlighted Cheryl Suchacek’s debut book, Strands of Sollus.

Aiken Author Releases Inspirational Poetry Book

Fran Cummings, aka Fran Z, and her book My Book of Poetry: From My Heart to Your Heart With Eyes Wide Opened, were profiled by the Aiken Standard.

Retired Pilot Changes Course by Writing, Illustrating Children’s Books

Author Donald Dunkerson and his airplane-themed children’s books were featured in the Neighbors section of the Capital Gazette.

Chester Woman Combines Superstitions and Legends

The Daily Record and Harding Township Observer-Reporter featured Carlotta G. Holden’s Grave Mattersa Dorrance-published collection of 24 tales of the supernatural.

Greensburg Author Writes about Personal Experiences in I Had Cancer

A cancerous brain tumor at age 13 inspired Dr. Matthew Walton to write Holey Ship High in Transport: I Had Cancer, which was spotlighted in the Tribune Review.

Emerson Resident Pens Fictional Novella spotlighted Laura C. Schor’s It’s a Good Year, the author’s debut work.

84-year-old Federal Way Man Publishes Healthy Living Book

Personal tragedy inspired author RJ Smith’s Preventative Maintenance for Living a Life of Health and Wellness, as reported by the Federal Way Mirror.

Greenville Author Publishes WWII Thriller Novel

The horrors of war frame the story told in author Burma J. Hill’s Overalls and Combat Boots, spotlighted by Greenville Online.

Bridge Builders of Nauck/Green Valley

Profiles of achievers past and present that emerged from a historically African American neighborhood are discussed in the Falls Church News-Press.

Local Officer Writes Fictional Novel about Terrorism, Response

The Ahwatukee Foothills News spotlighted local canine officer and Dorrance author Steven Mead, and his book,Blood Border.

Alexandria Author Publishes Personal Study on Modern Christianity

Living Faithfully in the Age of Terror, by Henry C. Blount, Jr.,  was recently featured in the Leesville Daily Leader.

A Great Depression Read

Betty Reed’s “largely autobiographical” The Winds of Time was recently reviewed in the “Sounds Good”column, written by Darragh Doiron.

Profile of Author and Artist Adam Dresden

Columbia, MO, artist and Dorrance author Adam Dresden was the subject of an area artist spotlight in the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Findlay’s Twisted Minds Proves a Page-Turning Novel

The love, lust and power struggles laced in Henry J. Findlay’s Twisted Minds wowed this Tuskegee News reviewer.

Zwickel Self-Publishes A Bunny’s Tale spotlighted local resident Fawn Zwickel’s children’s book.

The Lattimer Massacre: When an Entire Police Force Stood Trial

Author Pasco L. Schiavo’s The Lattimer Massacre Trialsparked a historical overview of the events chronicled in the book by

New Releases from Brevard Authors

It’s All About Choices, by Lt. Gen. Joseph S. Laposata, was featured in a local author brief on

Allentown, PA Author Publishes Memoir

Author Arthur D. Race’s new book, 1942 ‘Oh, Mom!’: What Can Possibly Happen?, was recently featured on PR Leap.

Genealogy Society to Meet

Cheryle J. Crockett author of My Slade Phenomenon was chosen as the speaker for the Solano County Genealogy Society’s November meeting, as reported by

Author Hopes to Bring Light to Devastation Caused by Typhoon Haiyan

Dorrance author Emily Cajipe Matthews was featured in the Rapid City Journal for her book, Visible Darkness. 

Andrea Lynn Samuels’ New Book Celebrates Life, Importance of Relationships

Dear life, Here I Am. Sincerely, Andrea Lynn Samuels was featured in the Stanly News & Press.